Big vision, brought to life.

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VYSYN is a disruptive force sent to shake up traditional, centralised banking by offering a decentralised ecosystem.

They believe global change comes with the active development of a stable and secure blockchain technology tool, and from more people knowing how they can benefit from a decentralized financial system. So, they are creating a completely decentralized peer-to-peer exchange, together with an worldwide campaign to educate and empower people about crypto currencies.

To support the worldwide acceptance of crypto assets the team at VYSYN is building the worlds first retailer payment protocol so that in time any kind of retailer will be able to accept crypto currency as a form of payment, without suffering any volatility risk.

But to tell their story effectively and generate awareness for their cause, VYSYN needed a strong online presence. They came to us to help visualise their mission.

They asked for a creative, yet easy-to-understand way of showing how they will help the world move towards liberated money management.